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Baking powder AROMACOS

The baking powder Aromacos is a chemical leavening manufactured with the highest standards of quality, allowing you to achieve excellent volume, Crumb even with consistent quality, day after day. Its exclusive formula of double action allows that most of the carbon dioxide produced is released at the time of the cooking which ensures that batter will not react ahead of time in case the bake delay producing this maxi.

Panificados y repostería

MOPAN (Anti-mould)


Essential product to extend the useful life of some specialties such as sliced bread, whole wheat bread, hamburgers, hot dogs, etc. Due to its high purity it allows to achieve the best results with a minimum dose. Our brand MOPAN is an ally in which industrial and artisan bakers trust by knowing that with good practices in manufacturing and storage, our product will achieve more lifespan than expected.

Inhibitor product of the development of mold and germ tube, the two main causes of the deterioration of bread and other baked goods.

Molds are vegetal organisms whose development starts with tiny spores present in the air to settle on bread grow and multiply themselves rapidly, causing a distinguish odor and a progressive coloration that extends all over the dough.

The germ tube (rope) is a bread disease caused by bacteria that can be found in bread products, which not to be des - barred by the oven temperature the mass produced area of viscous and sticky texture with darkening and an unpleasant odour and characteristic.

While the microorganisms that cause these problems are not destroyed by the MOPAN added during kneading, slows their multiplication which inhibits the growth of mold, and it effectively prevents the filamentation, achieving so considerably prolong the time of preservation of the processed product.

The MOPAN is easily dispersed in the basic ingredients of the dough without altering the color or flavor of baked goods.

The use of the MOPAN does not require to modify the usual baking processes or baked times usual.


The pastry cream Cremarrico has been developed to help the modern Baker to get the easiest way to the best cream with minimal effort. For its preparation it is enough by adding the necessary amount of water and whip for a couple of minutes gaining this way a pastry cream of excellent taste, perfect consistence, LONG LIFE WITHOUT NEED TO REFRIGERATE, and overall: constant quality. Manufactured correctly this pastry cream will last 3 days without need of refrigeration. Its adequate formulation allows it to be used under extreme conditions, as filling or covering products that will bake as well as the ones that will freeze in both cases unbeatable results.


Brightener and conservatives surface gelling. Confectionery and pastry.

Further enhance the presentation of your products using our concentrated brightener. This product is easy preparation as just dilute it with warm water and shake it before applying it in a variety of bakery and pastry products. Also due to its high concentration it allows to decorate a lot of pieces, this is very productive and economical. Drying is fast and once dry, it does not sticks or gets the package dirty.

Its pleasant taste and texture will be even tastier to all its products and even more if using fresh fruits as decoration, as concentrated brightener will act as protector. By forming a thin protective layer, it will prevent the deterioration of the fruit and also avoid fluid loss, keeping the product fresh longer.

It is very useful in products such as pastries, puddings, and other packaged goods where a superior in its upper surface brightness is achieved and prevents from sticking to the protective bag.

ADIBIS (fresh extender)


The fresh extender ADIBIS is a completely natural additive that brings the latest in enzymes to extend the commercial life of pastries and sweet specialties, and can replace in some recipes the totality of used emulsifiers.



Adipan is a whole solution without BROMATE additive. Allows you to replace the action of bromate with a single product:

  • Identical performance; widely tested in bakeries
  • As easy to use as bromate.
  • More natural
  • Developed to suit your needs and help avoid you costly experiments, changes in machinery or forms of work.
  • It gives you greater flexibility and safety in the production of your products since it remains effective even after many hours of fermentation.
  • It compensates for the different qualities of flour and for its power and prolonged action can be used in a wide variety of products even in frozen dough.

It compensates for the different qualities of flour and for its power and prolonged action can be used in a wide variety of products even in frozen dough. ADIPAN acts on the main components of flour conditioning and strengthening the structure of the dough. Replaces the action of potassium bromate in the majority of baking systems, including tables method, direct method, sponge and dough.


Instant whipped cream

The whipped cream is a light whipped cream used in the preparation of desserts and Mouse. Mix to prepare whipped cream flavored vanilla CHANTIRRICO is the most practical, delicious and convenient way of having cream Chantilly in a few minutes and is ideal for decorating cakes, desserts and pastries, as well as, to fill specialties.

This product is extremely convenient to use since it only requires cold water and a few minutes to prepare. As it is manufactured in powder form is very easy to measure the exact amount that is needed to avoid wastage, if there was some excess this can rebut to speed lower without losing volume or consistency. Its main advantage is that you don't need cooling like other similar products, once assembled the cream also does not require cooling, although if cools the results are even better. Also due to its exclusive formula, is a delicious, light and affordable cream with absolute whiteness which will not become yellow the next day.


Beta Carotene in oil solution

Beta Carotene Aromacos, is a natural dye used for food, which is mainly in the carrot, tomato, etc.

This product is ideal for coloring all kinds of food.

Essences for confectionery and pastry


They consist of preparations where are combined harmonically different types of artificial and/or natural aromatic products, diluted in specific means of water, alcohols, and oils, to be used as flavoring of all kinds of preparation in the ice cream parlor or confectionery.

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